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Paleo Eating Experiment – Part 3


Today was the last day of my Paleo style 30 day elimination diet called Whole30.  I decided to do this Whole30 because I was suffering with an increasingly bloated and sensitive stomach despite my long standing healthy eating habits.  As a life long allergy sufferer I was already familiar with elimination diets which work by eliminating common “trigger foods”, so  the body has a chance to calm, heal and reset.

I knew nothing about the Paleo lifestyle prior to starting the diet, but in my research about what to do for my symptoms I kept finding references to Paleo eating and 30 day trial periods.  I read everything I could find about the subject both online and in books, and then decided that the protocol of natural, pastured meats, wild seafood and lots of veggies and fruits would certainly not be risky or potentially bad for my health so I jumped in to my first Whole30.

After 10 years of mostly vegetarian eating it was a big adjustment for me to start including meats in my meals, but with the availability of good quality pastured meats, it was an adjustment I was willing to make.  As it turns out, once I started eating meat again I found I was really enjoying it!  The other big adjustment was the absence of grains and legumes of every sort from my plate.  As a vegetarian, they were a staple in my diet and it took me a little longer to do my weekly menu planning because I had to figure out how to fill that hole in my diet.

In the end, I found that I love the way I feel when I eat Paleo.  My stomach symptoms resolved pretty quickly and I tried lots of foods and recipes that I absolutely love.   I don’t get those “I’m so hungry I could eat my own arm off” episodes that I used to have, instead I find myself very satisfied with the regular 3 meals per day – no snacking necessary. I eat just as many (or maybe even more) of the delicious and nutritious vegetables that I have always loved and, for the most part, I do not miss the items I eliminated.  Actually, I do miss my homemade sourdough bread at breakfast!

So now that the “hard part” is over, I think the really hard part is about to begin.  Once you finish the 30 days, you begin to slowly test yourself with the foods that were eliminated.   Tomorrow I will try some dairy to see if/how it affects me.  After a few days it will be bread, a few days later it will be legumes and so on.  I need to very carefully observe my physical and emotional state after each trial to determine if I react and if so to what degree.  Once I complete all of the trials, I will know what foods were causing my symptoms so I can avoid them.

Whatever the final results are, I think that I will stick with the Paleo eating lifestyle because it is delicious and because I just like how I feel when I eat this way.   I will post a follow up to share the  food re-introduction results.


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  1. Jen, so glad you are doing well on Paleo. Leslie loves it too. I think I would miss my homemade sourdough too much. But really, that and rice are my only real differences with what you are doing. Oh and cream — I love my cream for homemade ice cream. :)

    • Jen,

      Missing my homemade sourdough has been a bit of a challenge, but I feel so much better that the trade off is worth it for now. I will probably eat it every now and then, since I still bake for the husband and kids, and then I’ll just deal with the consequences!

  2. I had an allergy test for food sensitivities from a Naturopathic doctor. If you have this type of alternative medicine near you it might be worth it for you to be tested.

  3. It’s good to hear that you have had such success with the Paleo eating plan, and that you are feeling so much better!

  4. I have a friend who’s been doing Paleo for quite some time now. She loves it!

  5. Congrats Jen! I’m so glad eating this way has helped with some of your health issues and that you feel good on it! I enjoy the primal/paleo lifestyle as well so it’s always good to see people giving it a chance :)

  6. I’m so glad it worked for you. Me, personally, I’m too scared to even attempt it, because if it works, my diet would be even more expensive than it currently is…

    • If you only buy organic and pasture raised meat products it does get expensive. If you are willing to buy organic but not pasture raised, the price comes down quite a bit. If you go with conventional meat products, you can get some great deals every week at the grocery store sales. On the other hand, by not buying anything at all that comes in boxes, you have more money to go toward your meat and produce.

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