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        Company profile

        青島華鐵國際物流有限公司,是在積極響應國家“一帶一路”的建設,適應新經濟的轉型,應對國際貿易的新形式,響應新技術和資本對物流行業的關注,結合國際對多式聯運的產業支持成立的。 專業從事中亞、中歐班列的開發和運營工作,先后開通了成都到塔什干中歐班列,蓉歐快線,中泰(丹加拉)紡織二期項目設備往返班列線。 公司擁有一支年輕、專業,熱情的從事國際鐵路,公路聯運的專業團隊,90%操作人員擁有相關物流從業資質,熟練使用俄語、英語制作各類單證,為您設計較儉省,較快捷,較安全的運輸物流方案。公司有著健全可靠的國際鐵路,公路聯運網絡,海鐵多式聯運,可為您就近提供中國各地的國際鐵路聯運業務及其獨聯體、中亞各站發運至中國各地的國際鐵路聯運業務,公路聯運,海鐵多事聯運等線路。公司對運作大型成套設備的國際鐵路聯運出口手續,國內外運輸方案的設計和運作有著豐富的經驗,可為不同的客戶情況設計個性化的運輸方案,對百貨類貨物通關、通檢操作靈活,高效安全,提供運輸動態跟蹤服務。 為實現代理服務的質量提升,CRL著力構建“一站式”服務體系。您無需出門,只需撥通電話或提供網絡指令,所有事情均由我們完成。從起點到終點、每階段各環節都由我們用心操作,為您實現“安全、準確、專業、快捷”的服務承諾。 CRL奉行“溝通無止境,服務無極限”、 “客戶的滿意,是我們的愿望”的宗旨,讓傳遞沒有距離,服務無限延伸!我們將隨時把握市場脈搏,愿意在任何時間給您提供貼心的服務。用扎實的業務水平,貼心的服務為客戶提供安全,快捷,節省的運輸物流服務。

        The one belt, one road, Qingdao, China, is actively responding to the "one belt and one way" construction of the country, adapting to the new economic transformation, coping with the new form of international trade, responding to the attention of the new technology and capital to the logistics industry, and establishing the international support for the multimodal transport industry. Specializing in the development and operation of Central Asia and China Europe trains, it has successively opened the China Europe train from Chengdu to Tashkent, the Chengdu Europe Express, and the equipment shuttle train of China Thailand (Tangara) textile phase II project. The company has a young, professional and enthusiastic professional team engaged in international railway and road intermodal transport. 90% of the operators have relevant logistics qualifications and are proficient in making all kinds of documents in Russian and English, so as to design the most economical, fastest and safest transportation and logistics scheme for you. The company has a sound and reliable international railway, road intermodal transport network and sea railway intermodal transport, which can provide you with international railway intermodal transport business in all parts of China and international railway intermodal transport business from cis and Central Asia stations to all parts of China, road intermodal transport, sea railway intermodal transport and other lines. The company has rich experience in the design and operation of international railway intermodal export procedures for the operation of large complete sets of equipment and transportation schemes at home and abroad. It can design personalized transportation schemes for different customer conditions, operate flexibly, efficiently and safely for customs clearance and inspection of department store goods, and provide transportation dynamic tracking services. In order to improve the quality of agency services, CRL strives to build a "one-stop" service system. You don't need to go out, just dial the phone or provide network instructions, and everything is done by us. From the beginning to the end, all links in each stage are operated by us carefully to realize the service commitment of "safe, accurate, professional and fast". CRL pursues the tenet of "endless communication, unlimited service" and "customer satisfaction is our greatest wish", so that there is no distance for transmission and unlimited extension of service! We will grasp the pulse of the market at any time and are willing to provide you with considerate service at any time. With solid business level and considerate service, we provide customers with safe, fast and economical transportation and logistics services.

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