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Cooking Up Some Crafts


In addition to cooking, I also really like to make crafts.  I scrapbook, crochet and sew whenever I find myself with a little bit of “hobby time”.  These are all hobbies that tend to take a lot of space for supplies and equipment, but I live in a fairly small house so I have to be very creative about how and where to stash my craft stuff.

In a perfect world I would have a room all to myself that has a huge central work table and tons of beautifully organized shelves holding all of my supplies and equipment. In other words, I would live in Martha Stewart’s house!  In my real world I had an under-used armoire that I converted into my craft nook by hanging pegboard inside, and installing a pull out shelf and a fixed shelf.  I am able to hang tons of scrapbooking and other crafting tools on the pegboard, and I can pull out the sliding shelf to make an instant worktable for whatever project I am working on.  The underneath cabinets serve as storage for my yarns, fabrics, paints and other miscellaneous supplies.   I can pull my drafting chair over from my computer workstation when I need to sit down or I can just stand in front of the work area comfortably.

One of the features that I really like about this setup is that I can just close the doors when I need to stop crafting and everything stays just how I left it.  There is no danger of losing pieces or spilling food on my work like there was when I used to use a corner of the dining room table as my workspace.   The cost to modify the armoire was about $60 in supplies and it has been worth every penny!

How do you organize your crafting supplies? I would love to hear about it!

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  1. Well done. Great idea with the armoire.

  2. I am kicking myself right now for not getting a nearly identical armoire at a yard sale last weekend! Very creative!

    • Christy,
      I know how you feel, I’ve passed up on items that later on I was kicking myself for as well! The good thing about yard sales is that there are always more next week 😉

  3. How clever! I love the way it turned out. Thanks for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday.

  4. I love your small craft space! We’d love it if you’d share this at our Home is Where the Heart is!
    and any other posts you’d like to share that have to do with homesteading and homemaking!

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