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        Introduction to advantageous routes


        Advantages of automobile transportation

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        Our company provides automobile transportation from Yiwu, Urumqi and other places in China to Almaty / Tashkent / Bishkek / Dushanbe and other places.

        The main advantages of automobile transportation are strong flexibility, short highway construction period, low investment, easy to adapt to local conditions, and low requirements for receiving station facilities. It can take the form of "door-to-door" transportation, that is, from the door of the shipper to the door of the receiver, without transshipment or repeated loading and unloading. Automobile transportation can also be used as a connecting means of other transportation modes. Specifically, automobile transportation generally has the following advantages:

        1. The goods can be directly sent from the delivery place to the receiving place, and the door-to-door one-stop service can be implemented.

        2. It is suitable for short distance transportation, and the cost of short distance transportation is low.

        3. Easy loading.

        4. It has strong adaptability and can be used as a connecting means of other modes of transportation. It is easy to connect railway transportation, sea transportation and air transportation, which is conducive to dredge goods. It is an important part of the comprehensive transportation system and an effective tool for material distribution.